However, I’m not sure that the average voter ever gets his/her

Even though its makers arejust meeting clients at CES in a suite, they are not showing a working version of the Lily camera here. They skipped out on the big “Drone Rodeo” event this week that featured the biggest names in drones, like Parrot and DJI.What they did do here at CES was announce some news, the results of the pre order campaign.Lily pulled in orders worth $34 million, or 60,000 cameras, says Balaresque, and they will start shipping in the summer. That was originally slated for February.Or put another way, some 60,000 consumers bet that the Lily camera, sight unseen,will do what it actually says it does:flies and follows you around without any flight experience.

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Replica Belts We older Canberrans recall with great respect the dedicated service that Jim Fraser gave to this community.Those tiny minds at the AEC would do better to concentrate on devising ways to insure against any loss of ballot papers, rather than insulting Canberra.Trevor Marks, HoltHonest voting systemBogey Musidlak (Letters, January 14) is on the right track regarding party manipulation of voter’s intentions. However, I’m not sure that the average voter ever gets his/her head around the (admittedly fairer) Hare Clark system. When I give a candidate a 1 on the ballot paper Replica Hermes Belts, I am indicating that he/she is my first preference, and the value of that vote is 1 point.When I give a candidate a 2, that means that I want them to receive some value less than 1, say 0.75 of a vote.And so on down the line of 0.5, 0.25, 0.1 for my 3rd, 4th and 5th choices. Replica Belts

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