App Marketing

Internet Marketing Funnel

Prospect – app discovery, letting them know the product exsists
Loyal Customer — buy addons
Advocate — good rating


User completes a goal i.e. purchase

Target Audience

Find by looking at similar apps – how many users do they have

Ranking Factors

Total installs
Active install %


Branded vs Keyword
Could use both
Can add * symbol to title

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Tool or AdWords Account — use exact term
Find best keyword for title
Find 20-40 target keywords for description
Don’t use keyword farms

Market Listing

Icon is important
Need a great winning first sentence
Landing page optimization can make a difference — Can use Google Website Optimizer
Add Call to Action — Install today to start your fun
Add testimonials
Reassure the user
Need promotional image — Makes a big impression on customers
Action Screenshots better than preferences — consider adding words to screenshots

YouTube Video

Lots of hits from Google Play website
Think movie trailer
Visualize themselves with your app and how their lives will change


Quality matters


  • Free to Paid
  • Win a game
  • Use app often
  • Rate the app

App quailty

Users only care about features they want
Users may give up if they can’t find what they want — make games easier to find

Google’s Conversion University

Good information on conversion


Track conversions
Use BIG BUTTON to go direct to market listing – Make it easy
Use referral tracking for website buttons
Tag URLs to website from other marketing

Paid Ads

Track to ROI – drop losers and keep winners
Pay Per Install
Pay Per Action
Can be used Test calls for actions

Hiring People

Out source
Contract from a spec
Part time
Full time – Best
Pay via Paypal mass pay
Have send daily email report
Hire One at a time
Exchange multiple communications before hiring
Use test task

Project Management



Release MVP – Minimum viable product

Getting More Comments

Releasing meaningful updates
Talk up your updates
Ask for comments

Enganging Users

Email newsletter – subscribe in app
Use auto-responders
MailChimp – Has reports
Respond to comments
Ask uses to take action
Leave a comment
Respond to Survey
Social Media
Help Desk — common questions and answers, macros, Zendesk

Internet Marketing

Get keywords
Make one page for each keyword
Market Samurai – To be the first page on Google you must beat the first page
Use Google webmaster tools
Post on blog every day or make new webpage
YouTube is Second largest search engine — Link needs to be first thing in your descriptions
TubeToolBox — good tool to find subscribers

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